About Us

Here’s my story and why:

I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, who are the light of my heart. When they were small, I saw the purity they arrived with, and the courage, and the wisdom. I understood that it was my primary job in life to love them and shelter them, until they were old enough to walk into the world on their own two steady feet. I wanted my girls to know themselves before society stepped in to tell them how to live, and how to be. I wanted them to find joy and solace in the beauty of nature, and to feel held and supported by this magical world we live in.

 When the schooling years arrived, through trial and many errors, I came upon Waldorf education. I saw my values reflected in the curriculum, and felt that I had found a place where they could learn without having their spirit broken. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with this way of teaching, and became a Waldorf teacher myself. 

My daughters are both grown now, and living unique and amazing lives! 
I am still teaching in the Waldorf world, though not full time now, and I have enjoyed many wonderful years (more than 20) working with the curriculum. My students ranged from the early childhood to 12th graders, and I have been privileged to have known a great many of them from their first days in school as a pre-schooler, until their last day of 12th grade. 

 It was about 6 years ago that I was approached to teach aspiring handwork teachers, and I became the co-director of the Waldorf Practical Arts Teacher Training program at Highland Hall Waldorf School. My graduates earn a certificate recognized by the Waldorf Institute of Southern California, and many have gone on to become handwork teachers themselves!

Sunsprite Handwork and Sunsprite Publishing were created as a kind of extension of the teacher training program. Here, not only teachers, but parents and children can access information and inspiration for satisfying handwork experiences that can be done at home. The topics here are divided into three parts- thought they are all connected: Handwork, Plant Dye and Earth Pigments.
It is my dear hope that artists of all ages can cultivate a deep and beautiful conversation with the beauties of nature through these arts. Each item offered here, be it a book, an art project, or a workshop, is designed to bring some aspect of the natural world to light, and offer an access point for students to find their own way into the enchanting world of natural colors.
Why we do what we do~
Why Handwork?
The heart of a Waldorf handwork program is not teaching people to make pretty stuff. It’s all about helping students to develop their own capacities for perception and and imagination. Actualization of those refined perceptions comes from having a strong enough will to bring those ideas out into the world. We are all creators at our core, evolution comes from this!
Why plant dye?
When a child is over stimulated, the natural defense is to shut down some of the psyche for safety.  Repeating this over and over causes the senses and thinking to become dulled and unadventurous. Then it is harder to find satisfaction, because ever more blatant stimulation is needed, just to get through.
In contrast to chemically dyed colors, which are loud and have that ‘in your face’ feel to them, plant dyed colors have so much subtle nuance that the brain becomes interested. The child is allowed to be curious and come forward in their attitude to find out more. Plant dyes are connected to the natural world and also to the cultures who used them for millennia. If the child becomes curious, there is so much there for them to discover!
Why earth pigments?
This is another avenue for discovering the beauty all around us. Most people walk on dirt, but not so many are fascinated by the colors in it. By educating the senses to see, and feel, and even smell the differences, again, we are opening up a whole new world of enchanting things to learn about! The culture associated with paint made from earth goes all the way back to the roots of our species. There is something deeply recognizable and joyful about the whole process!