Coyote Rescues Hawk - Collector's Edition Hard Cover Book

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    Alan Salazar, traditional storyteller and elder in both the Chumash and Ferdandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians, retells the ancient Chumash legend of Coyote's daring rescue of Hawk from the underwater abode of Swordfish.

    The legend is followed by a history of Chumash plank canoes (tomols) and the revitalization of their use in modern times. Suitable for readers of all ages.

     This book was illustrated by Mona Lewis, using pigments made from rocks and soil respectfully collected in Chumash territory. A tutorial is included on how to make earth pigments, fold a model tomol and paint it with your earth paints.

Size 8" X 10"

Full Color, 83 Pages

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    " Alan Salazar’s love for Chumash culture and history is a gift for readers of all ages. His characteristic humor shines through in this story about the importance of caring for each other, patience, and working together creatively to solve problems."
Niki Sandoval, Ph.D. (Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians)