Nature's Paintbox - Colors from the Natural World for the Young Artist (and Those Who are Young at Heart) Collector's Edition Hardcover Book

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     Announcing a beautiful new collection plant dye and earth pigment art projects to delight artists of all ages! Learn how to make your own plant dyes and earth pigments with these simple recipes!

     Waldorf handwork teacher and artist, Mona Lewis, has lovingly curated 20 seasonal activities from her classroom lessons in this extensive volume. Colorful examples, clear how-to descriptions and a smattering of historical references set the stage for these timeless arts. Chapters are arranged in seasons, each one beginning  with a story to bring a sense of wonder to the work.
     This is great resource for parents to enjoy with their children, homeschooling families who want to bring experiences of nature into their lessons, teachers to use in the classroom and artists who would like to try their hand working with natural colors!

    "Teaching Handwork in the Waldorf educational setting for the last 20 years has allowed me to try out my ideas with children from kindergarten to 12th grade, and adults as well. Slowly, over time I came up with a collection of seasonal projects that could be done with artists of different ages, and all folded into the Waldorf curriculum."   Mona Lewis

Hardcover Collectors Edition

 Size 8.5" X 11",   268 pages 

   These art projects are suitable for artists of all ages. (Younger artists with help from an adult.)

 Praise for Nature's Paintbox

    "Beautiful and visceral, Mona leads us down a magic pathway, through easy-to-follow activities, building capacity and reverence for the spirits of the earth. Nature’s Paintbox is a manual for cultivating your mythical self."
Sarah Josephs Yapelli
Moss Farm, an eco-non profit

    "The ancient art of dyeing with and extracting color from natural matter is both exciting and intimidating. In this beautiful book, Nature’s Paintbox, Mona Lewis expertly and lovingly helps us embark on our own adventure with natural colors, exploring a wide range of wonderful projects. Nature’s Paintbox is a celebration and an invitation into the natural world of color."
Waldorf Institute of Southern California

   "Nature’s Paintbox by Mona Lewis takes you on a sense-filled journey of wonderment. Lewis takes your hand as she guides you to an enchanted land of discovery and beauty. She is an artiste who through the stokes of her pen introduces you to partake in the fest of the seasons.  
She introduces you to natural plant dyes, paints, and stories. Her reverence and joy shine through each enlivened project. Nature’s Paintbox  is truly a magical book!"  
Terra Malmstrom,  
M.S. Neuroscience, Ph.D. candidate Transformative Studies, Waldorf educator