Autumn Luminaries!

Autumn Luminaries!

Create a little lantern to bring the warmth of summer back into the home as the nights grow long and dark. Marigolds that have been collecting sunshine all summer make the perfect glowing paint for your lamp!





 Materials you will need:

Fresh Marigold Flowers (Do you have any left over from a Dia de los Muertos celebration? They are perfect for this!)

White Typing Paper

Black Construction Paper

Scissors or Exact-o Knife

Vegetable Oil

Tape or Glue


Pinch off a few flower petals and rub firmly to transfer the color to your paper.        


Allow the color to dry.

Pour a spoonful of vegetable oil onto the paper and rub it in.


Allow the oil to soak into the paper for 12 to 24 hours. This will make the paper transparent!

Cut simple shapes in your black paper.


Lay the black paper over your yellow paper. Roll them together into a tube and secure with tape or glue.

Place a tea light inside and enjoy the warm glow!