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Plant Dye

Indigo Fairy

Indigo Fairy

Dye silk with fresh indigo leaves to make this little summer indigo fairy.
Flower Petal Paint!

Flower Petal Paint!

Here's a sweet transparency, painted directly with flowers! This is plant dye at its simplest! Hang it on your wall, or place it on your nature table to honor the fresh beginnings of spring.
Plant Dyed Yarn for a Calico Kitten!

Calico Kitten with Bundle Dyed Yarn

The yarn for this little calico kitten was dyed with several kinds of eucalyptus and a little piece of iron added for grey and black tones. We usually think of dyeing silk with the bundle dye technique, but you can get great effects bundle dyeing yarn!
Dye golden stars with turmeric!

Dyeing Golden Stars with Turmeric

Kitchen dyes are perfect for impromptu art projects! Dyeing wool felt with Turmeric is quick and easy because the felt does not need any treatment before dyeing, and it takes color very quickly.
Plant Dyed Forest Gnome

Plant Dyed Forest Gnome

These little forest gnomes will be a welcome addition to your nature table, bedside table, or even your pocket! They are easy to make, easy to dye, and free from any synthetic chemicals.
A Rainbow of Plant- Dyed- Yarns

Plant Dyed Yarns

These first offerings in the Craft Corner will be an introduction to myself, and little about my approach and philosophy. As we settle in, I'll be posting specific recipes and projects here to try!